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Baby, it's cold outside! (Sung to the tune of Baby, it's cold outside)

Nothing warms you up like a good psychic/medium reading. Since we're spending more time indoors (sigh, again...) why not call me up and make an appointment? I highly recommend it. (lol)

Also, I know I've mentioned that I'm doing intuition classes with (go to the site right now!) but I'm not sure that I've ever showed you my quilling. Well, here it is! Pieces will be available for purchase at Carlisle Artisans in Carlisle, MA. It's a lovely gallery - do stop in. They're only open Fridays and Saturday, so plan ahead.

Feel free to ask me any questions here or open up a discussion. One of my (many....) New Year's resolutions was to be a more present blogger. You can help - even if you're resolution-free.

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