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  • Ellen Damsky

Hello My Lovelies,

I thought I should give this blogging thing a whirl. I'm gonna write like no one is watching.

I might actually talk about what it is I do, but please, expect digressions, diversions, or just flat out going off the rails. It's not that I'm easily distracted but, if a good recipe crossing my path, or an interesting fact or figure, who am I to keep it to myself?

For the heck of it though, let's start at the beginning. It's a very good place to start. Yep, I'm a psychic. Medium. I draw dead people. I've lost sleep trying to come up with a better way to state that last sentence, but I'm stymied.


I'm open to suggestions.

So, you ask, how did it come to be? The dead people drawing or the whole shebang? Well, I've always been intuitive. We all are. Aren't we? I've tried to pay attention, though, which is sometimes easier said than done. People always ask how I know if what I'm getting is "true."

It takes faith. And trust. And faith. And more trust. Letting what comes through come through is probably the most challenging aspect of this work. We just have to have faith and trust. Thankfully, this - what's coming out of my mouth has relevance - has been "shown" to me time and time again. The message that has been delivered speaks to the sitter - the person having a reading.

The thing is, many people remember the time they had a bad feeling and something bad happened. What we (very) often forget is the times that that feeling led to something good - or a bad thing averted. So, pay more attention to the intuition that isn't necessarily negative and see where it leads you.

Since you asked, yes, your intuition can lead you to a great pair of shoes. On sale. Or a parking spot. Or that last-minute change that turns out to be significant. No, I did not say you avoided tragedy, but maybe you ran into an old friend that's been on your mind that you wouldn't have run into if you hadn't done that thing you did at the last minute because something was nagging at you.

See what I'm getting at here? Please stop marrying intuition and tragedy. Sure, if a feeling saves your life, that's quite something. But the reality is is that we could be using our intuition more - on a daily basis, for instance - and not only for those Big Moments. Keep that intuition well-oiled. Ready to go. At a moment's notice.

Well, this had been fun. Please feel free to ask questions, give answers, start a conversation.

Hope to see you soon.

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