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  • Ellen Damsky

Psychics are Human, Too.

During a reading last week, the sitter mentioned several times how fortunate I was to have “the gift.” I do consider myself fortunate, but the reality remains that my acceptance and use of these gifts is really what it’s all about. After all, we “wear” our gifts – even if they’re as challenging as the sweaters you get from Auntie for Christmas year after year.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that we accept some responsibilities. Like meditating. Daily. I know, groan. It can be a tough for us as it is for you. But meditation strengthens our focus and puts us squarely in the now, which makes us able to tune in more effectively and therefore, makes us “better” readers. But like you mortals, we meditate in many different ways. We listen to guided meditation, binaural beats, etc., etc., etc. Some days are better than others. Some days are a total bust. But meditation is an essential part of what many of us refer to as “the work.” And we kid you not; it is work.

We take care of ourselves. Working with our psychic/mediumship abilities uses up a lot of energy. We get really, really, hungry, and again, like you, it’s always tempting to grab the thing that easiest to reach. And like you, most of the time we try our best to resist temptation and eat food that replenishes our bodies. And of course, our souls.

We stay active. Reading is a desk job, meaning that we sit a lot. So you’ll see us at the gym working out, lifting. We’re outside jogging, walking, and stretching. If we don’t move, our energy stays stagnant. So we move to keep it flowing.

We read, attend workshops, classes, and read some more. Again, gifts and responsibility go hand in hand. The varying perspectives on energy, tarot, astrology, etc., are dynamic and evolving. We like to know what works for people that do what we do, what’s new, what’s old and coming back around and what’s tried and true. Staying in the loop also keeps us in touch with one another as a community. Reading is often solitary work (in between readings, of course) so staying connected to a community helps us feel and be less isolated.

If this is all sounding familiar, that’s no surprise. It’s true – we and our lives are not a whole lot different than you and yours…'cuz humans are psychics, too.

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